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Where we cast our gaze

Being a bit cheeky brought something into focus; where we look when we are dancing. We can be looking at the floor or down at our feet. We can look at our partner more. A bad sign is seeing the follower looking at those around them a lot. Sometimes gauging approval, sometimes distracted, sometimes yearning to dance with someone else. Dancing with all incorporates impressing everyone you dance with.

With right hand to follower’s left. We lift our right hand and put their left hand behind their head, resting it on the back of their neck. We do the same with our left hand and their right. This arm lifting can be done simultaneously or one at a time as a variation. Usually, we step aside and gracefully allow the hands to run down each other’s arms. Beforehand, I let go of my right hand and using one finger I lifted their chin up. There is fun to be had. The response was ‘interesting’. Most laughed at this. We care about ourselves the most, always, and in this case, it highlighted their self-consciousness, their tendency to be looking down too much. Hold your head high say the experts.

Aside from this bit of cheeky behaviour I shall point out a real problem in dancing classes. Followers keep looking at the teacher when learning a move. They will be trying to stay in sync with the teacher’s follower not their leader. It leads to a car crash. Look at your leader. Wait for your leader. Follow your leader not the demonstrator. It doesn’t matter if you end a few seconds before or a few seconds after the teacher. It is not synchronised line dancing. That applies to Jive. Salsa is a slightly different matter. I don’t know enough about salsa yet to make many suggestions, but I know for sure that learning three things at the same time is nigh on impossible. How can a beginner take on staying in sync, executing the turns/moves, and steps correctly all at once? I would rather forget the beat, forget doing it in perfect time, but get to grips with the execution first. Once you know what you are doing, you can change the pace to suit the music afterwards.

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Easy access off the A465 main Bromyard - Hereford road. 30 mins from Worcester.

Drinks available at the bar - please don't bring your own. Great food if you want a meal before/after.

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