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A useful skill - dance all over the world

From impressing others on sailing holidays to taking random people by the hand at concerts. In sub terranean bars in Budapest, jazz bars in Hawaii, to county shows in the UK. Dancing is a useful skill to have. That and keeping you fit. It helps us get to know people and lets us be centre stage for a few moments.

Here at the Malvern county show. Autumn 2022

If there is one piece of advice that I would like to give. Donít just stand there, get up and dance while you can. At one place I went to, people were rather impressed. Whoops and cheers. Probably as the moves I deployed were not seen in that locality before. Thankfully I took the opportunity right then as I wasnít to know that that was the last song the band were playing that night.

The Plough Inn, Stoke Lacy, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4HG

Easy access off the A465 main Bromyard - Hereford road. 30 mins from Worcester.

Drinks available at the bar - please don't bring your own. Great food if you want a meal before/after.

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