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The ideas behind Max Jive

Eighty-five thousand fans packed into Wembley Stadium to revel in a Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band concert. I walk towards the front to take a look. A lady is cavorting, dancing on her own. I approach, offer my hand and we dance to the end of the track. We said nothing to one another for dance is a language that, like the smile, translates without sound passing our lips. It is simple lead and follow. Rather than frenetic bopping and jumping about like loons, Max Jive is smooth and flowing. You choose the pace according to your mood and the music. There is no torture of having to learn so many steps this way and so many that way. So long as you can walk you can do this type of dance.

Dancers tend to keep their routines within a dark circle. Max Jive sets out to enlarge that circle a good bit. Some people will of course dance in a few dark circles and merge them creating a fusion. This could be Tango and Jive or West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop. Whatever type of Jive or close cousin that you have dipped your toes into, Max Jive will take what you know and build on it. In many a dance class, the moment you try something fancy and begin to show-off, people will roll their eyes and give you a look of disdain. Here we encourage you to show-off if you so wish. Take inspiration from those that have used their imagination. However, you donít have to be a poser. Slow, steady expressive things are valuable and satisfying too.

To put it simply. There is a lot more to the genre of dance that you have been doing than you realise. The principles of Max Jive can be taken to lots of other dance categories. Your dancing will become a lot more fluid. You will understand dance like never before.

The lockdown restricted us to one dance partner. That was a blessing. With one dance partner all to myself, I was able to test out all the ideas of Max Jive. We danced twice as much as everyone else, maybe more. Why? Because the variety is there. And you know variety is the spice of life. When Megan declared it to be euphoric it was proof that dance taken to the limits can be outstanding. Have no fear, you do not need to be young, fit, and full of beans to get more from dance. Expressive excitement is there to be had. Slow, smooth, and joyous.

Ultimately dance is lead and follow. Two arms, two legs and two bodies. The permutations have been limited by enforcing odd rules. You can stick to the moves you have been shown or learn how to be creative. One plus One plus x equals magic.

The Plough Inn, Stoke Lacy, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4HG

Easy access off the A465 main Bromyard - Hereford road.

Drinks available at the bar - please don't bring your own. Great food if you want a meal before/after.

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