Dancing all over with Megan Sparks, Nicky, Mary, Racheal and Georgina

Dance like it is 2022 rather than 1922

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One to One lessons

1 to 1 or group

Perfect class for beginners to master the basics of lead and follow.

For advanced dancers we have a range of tips and tricks to get more control of your follower. The aim is to make two people become one. In harmony.

These are some of the topics we cover. You can decide what takes your fancy.

You can come alone, with a partner or we can align someone else at a similar level with you.

Dance to the beat

Dance to the music

Learn to dance to the beat, to the time, or to the music. The high-quality sound system helps in this regard as does the nature of the tracks used for this. The songs have clear time and a distinct beat to make it easier to perfect. Plus, parts that change inviting you to put in a flourish.

Turns, tension and true following

This is the area that is impossible to deal with in a large group. Hence, why a one to one is so invaluable. We get the leader to lead and learn the art of being responsible for their follower. Anyone can show people how to do various moves. Lots can show you a bunch of real fancy ones too, but they are rather shy when it comes to get you doing them properly.

Dance spins


I linked arm in arm with Laura and initiated a spin. She upped the pace and got us pulling over 2G. Holding both of Megan’s hands we performed a spin that got close to 3G. This is fast. The background becomes a complete blur. Get it going as fast as you can then pull the arms in. That will ramp the rate briefly. It is not exactly dancing. Nor are the balances. However, they are all part of the fun to gain trust and co-ordination. An option you might want to have a go at. These differ from the violent single person spins that some leaders enjoy torturing followers with. Some do them with no understanding themselves what it is like to be spun over and over. I stumbled upon the song ‘monkey 23’ which has the lyrics, “There's a monkey on my back, makes me act like that.” It reminded me of the time Megan had me on her back. I was the monkey on her back with her doing special leans and of course the piggyback charging around the hall. Dance can be serious and fun. Like many things in life, it is about balance. Not too much not too little.

Dance expressive


You do not need to race about all night. Far from it. Aching limbs the next day may indicate a good night out, but what about other emotions? What about connection. What about feeling and seduction. This is dancing, not dating, but make a connection by the slow sure steady dance. It leads to serendipity. Things you didn’t expect happen. The slower pace enables you to flow one move into another without any prior planning or thought. The moves just come to you as you go along. There are certain things that you have to master though. Things that you don’t see in many freestyle events. We have to stop limiting ourselves and stop dancing in those small black circles. Open yourself up to all what is possible rather then restrict yourself to strange customs. Free yourself and expand your range. It is worth it. The result is magic. You can put your personality, your individuality into your dancing.

Dips, drops and leans

We can show you a range of dips, drops, and leans that are safe as houses and end a dance nicely.


Lots of leaders find themselves in a dance catch-22. They know lots of moves but not quite enough to go and ask a lady for a dance. We can help with this. How many more dance classes are you willing to attend? One or two personal lessons will take you months forward in your dance journey.


We will show you the secrets to this. Something you are not likely to find elsewhere.

Leading Ladies

Get a rare chance to have a go at leading a man. Howard can follow quite well. Have no fear, it is easier than leading many ladies.

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We usually hold the classes at either 7.30pm or 8.30pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Whatever stage you are at; we can help you along. Feel free to book a lesson. Just £20.

(£20 for the session is for one person or 2 people £10 each)

It is usually an hour, I know that when I was learning all those years back that one tends to get frazzled if too much longer than that.

One of the greatest languages

For those considering taking up dancing, I would like to point out how jolly useful it is. I have danced with some 5000 women in ten countries. From Hawaii, Norway to the back streets of China. It is surprising how many holidays I have been on where you can impress and join in with a dance or two. You will look good at a wedding. You meet lots of great people. Dance is a language of its own. At a Springsteen and the E-Street band concert in Wembley Stadium I walked to the front and saw a lady cavorting. I held out my hand and we had a great dance. We didn’t say a word to one another. There is no need. At other concerts I danced with many fine ladies and then got to know them through it.





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The Plough Inn, Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire HR7 4HG

Great dance floor at the rear of the pub.

We have a jolly fine sound system.

Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire HR7 4HG

Find us on the main A465 nr Bromyard.

The Plough Inn, Stoke Lacy, HR7 4HG

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