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1 to 1 or group

Perfect class for beginners to master the basics of lead and follow.

For advanced dancers we have a range of tips and tricks to get more control of your follower. The aim is to make two people become one. In harmony.

These are some of the topics we cover. You can decide what takes your fancy.


I linked arm in arm with Laura and initiated a spin. She upped the pace and got us pulling over 2G. Holding both of Megan’s hands we performed a spin that got close to 3.5G. This is fast. The background becomes a complete blur. It is not exactly dancing. Nor are the balances. However, they are all part of the fun to gain trust and co-ordination. An option you might want to have a go at. These differ from the violent single person spins that some leaders enjoy torturing followers with. Some do them with no understanding themselves what it is like to be spun over and over. I stumbled upon the song ‘monkey 23’ which has the lyrics, “There's a monkey on my back, Makes me act like that.” It reminded me of the time Megan had me on her back. I was the monkey on her back with her doing special leans and of course the piggyback charging around the hall. Dance can be serious and fun. Like many things in life, it is about balance. Not too much not too little.

Dips, drops and leans

We can show you a range of dips, drops, and leans that are safe as houses and end a dance nicely.


You do not need to race about all night. Far from it. Aching limbs the next day may indicate a good night out, but what about other emotions? What about connection. What about feeling and seduction. This is dancing, not dating, but make a connection by the slow sure steady dance. It leads to serendipity. Things you didn’t expect happen. The slower pace enables you to flow one move into another without any prior planning or thought. The moves just come to you as you go along. There are certain things that you have to master though. Things that you don’t see in many freestyle events. We have to stop limiting ourselves and stop dancing in those small black circles. Open yourself up to all what is possible rather then restrict yourself to strange customs. Free yourself and expand your range. It is worth it. The result is magic. You can put your personality, your individuality into your dancing. Anne and Pauline have been a big help developing some of this. Dancing is a pass it on thing. We learn from one another, lifting one another up rather than whining and putting people down.


Lots of leaders find themselves in a dance catch-22. They know lots of moves but not quite enough to go and ask a lady for a dance. We can help with this. One or maybe two sessions here can be more productive than ten more of those large group lessons.


We will show you the secrets to this. Something you are not likely to find elsewhere.


You might be nervous about starting dancing. That is a good thing, but rest assured those nerves will soon disappear at the class. We will show you how to dance in front of a crowd and not get so self-conscious.


We look at what you can do rather than what you can’t. Megan closed her eyes one evening and I carried on to the end of the song. Then I had a go. We both led and followed eyes closed. It is quite a joyous experience. We have developed moves to help those with various differences. To include rather than push aside and leave them watching others dance.

Dance to the music

Learn to dance to the beat, to the time, or to the music. The high-quality sound system helps in this regard as does the nature of the tracks used for this. I have had many a debate about this with Rachael, Claire and Sarah. Hence to avoid any doubt the songs have clear time and a distinct beat. Plus, parts that change inviting you to put in a flourish.

Leading Ladies

Get a rare chance to have a go at leading a man. Howard can follow quite well. Have no fear, it is easier than leading many ladies.


The impossible challenge. Beyond difficult. Mistakes guaranteed - learn that mistakes do not matter. Jolly fun and interesting for five minutes. (Just in larger group sessions)

Noob to novice. Learn how to blag your way through a dance and appear better than you are. Fake it to make it. Works wonders.

Enquire / Book: Tuesdays,Wednesdays or Fridays 7.30pm/8.30pm to suit.




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The Plough Inn, Stoke Lacy, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4HG

Easy access off the A465 main Bromyard - Hereford road. 30 mins from Worcester.

Drinks available at the bar - please don't bring your own. Great food if you want a meal before/after.

The Plough Inn Stoke Lacy HR7 4HG

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