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Group Classes / Freestyle

Making my first million was easier than setting up a free dance class. Much, much easier. Part of it is the catch-22. You need people there for people to come. They won’t come unless there are lots there already. Doing it for free was always going to be a challenge. Psychology comes into play. Something free is deemed to be not much good. I would gladly run it for free but that puts people off. So, we will resort to charging a little.

Having spoken to the likes of Chris at C & S dancing Evesham etc, they all struggled for years to get their dance club off the ground. I will die before I give up. I have belief. I believe that people want to dance. I also feel that classes and freestyles can be more fun. I also believe that if we get the followers to follow well – ‘follow properly’ and the leaders to lead better, then it will be better all round. Serious dancing whilst keeping it seriously fun. I have been there. Dance lessons get dull very quickly. They are repetitive and slow. It doesn’t have to be like that. Tradition hampers us. I reckon it is done in a traditional way on purpose. To make is seem much harder than it is so that people need lot and lots of lessons.

Better, more modern, teaching methods enable people to learn much faster. I have transferred the ability to teach people to swim in under twenty minutes to the realm of dance. Have you ever seen someone learning to swim and notice that their hair is still dry? Similar principles apply in dancing. Get the teaching right and you can swim properly right from the start and so too we can show people how to dance properly right from the start. I liken it to building a house. Get the foundations in place first then build the walls. Anyone can decorate a house and make things look fancy. Anyone can show moves to people. Get the foundations right and the house is sturdy. There are so many dancers that are like programmed automatons that fall apart when a leader tries something they haven’t seen before. Had they learnt the art of the follow they will be unfazed by anything thrown at them. They can also jump into other genres, Salsa, Tango etc and accomplish all kinds in the expressive dance world.

If you have the impression that Jive is for old people, only people that have been drawing a state pension for thirty years then you are wrong. It is not your age, but your fun age. Only last week I danced with this lady who informed me she was 82. I gave her a mini lesson in the slower style that people are quite fond of. She is active, very active in many groups and it shows. She is as much fun as a twenty something. It is your mental age that matters. Let yourself go a bit and see come see for yourself that modern smooth Jive really is modern. We don’t play war time songs and do dreary routines. Plus, we encourage you to be creative. Not the variations by mistake, but variations on purpose to expand what you can do.

I have a list that is steadily growing. Join us by simply sending a message and when we have the numbers we can begin.

In the meantime, I can recommend C&S Dancing at The Boat House / Orto Lounge Evesham. Also, I-Dance at the townhall plus Tithe Barn Ceroc Groove. WWS Salsa in Hereford. Archdales Worcester. Sometime soon we won’t need to travel so far to dance to the max in Hereford.

Join us to create something excellent

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The Plough Inn, Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire HR7 4HG

Great dance floor at the rear of the pub.

We have a jolly fine sound system.

Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire HR7 4HG

Find us on the main A465 nr Bromyard.

The Plough Inn, Stoke Lacy, HR7 4HG

Jive partner dancing

The right music, a beer or two and a great partner are the essential ingredients for a real good time. I want to share this joy with you. For me it has been one of the best things in my life. You can then go to a concert, a wedding, a disco, a nightclub, a dance hall, a country fair and dance like mad. Or take it steady. Or just use it as a way to get exercise that beats the gym. Whether it is with a stranger or your partner we can help you dance as one.

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