Dancing all over with Megan Sparks, Nicky, Mary, Racheal and Georgina

Dance like it is 2022 rather than 1922

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Clare demonstrating the basket wrap sabotage as part of a mini routine they made up.

Bordering on impossible, but fabulous fun and lets you attempt novel moves.

Dance to the beat - precisely on the beat. Not essential at all times but nice to have a go.

Some leaders are like rooted trees. Planted in the spot and not doing much. This is not something we condone in Max Jive unless it is for effect. In which case it can look quite good. Stand in the spot, feet apart, and get the lady around you. Then with her in the spot circle her in a serenade.

A lady that can lead a make an impact. On the road to being quite something.

Learn to dance and you can have a go all over the place. I had a little spin at the Malvern County show ground.

The Plough Inn, Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire HR7 4HG

Great dance floor at the rear of the pub.

We have a jolly fine sound system.

Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire HR7 4HG

Find us on the main A465 nr Bromyard.

The Plough Inn, Stoke Lacy, HR7 4HG

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Photo at Pittville pump rooms courtesy of Ron Milsom Photography www.ronmilsomphotography.com

Photo at the Americana show, Cheltenham, thanks to GL Shooters