Jive partner dancing

Dance like it is 2022 rather than 1922

“Variety is the spice of life”

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Salsa Party

Nov 18th 2022

Alistair had a good go at perfecting the knee-leg-sweep move. I joined forces with Georgina to try a rather difficult mini routine. It is an easy one as far as moves go, but very hard to get right. Lead swapping and mirroring each move.

It was great to see Landing, Rebecca, Julia, Keith, Shanthi, John and many others too - make good use of this venue.

We welcome all, any level, no problem. The aim is to meet, greet and share a good time with those in the salsa tribe.

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We are getting a fair number at the Salsa parties which is great. My forte is Jive – modern Jive to exciting 'proper' music. I want to teach it in a fun way. Dance is not that difficult to learn if it is shown in a less confusing way. I know how as I have taken quite a few from novice to excellent.

I need you, a few of you to get started. We can hold them at this great venue on Tuesday evenings. It is the perfect spot for this. If you are interested send us an email, text or call 07580 215 641 As soon as I have enough, we can get it going. If you can spare the time it will be a great help – we can then have a place for people to learn and dance for FREE.

Modern smooth Jive is the universal dance language. This means that you can use it anywhere, so long as they can lead and follow. There are no troublesome steps to master. Instead, you have the freedom to concentrate on expressing yourself. I have found it useful with Ladies in Greece, Hungary, Norway, Finland, Hawaii, and many other places. Plus of course here in the UK at any Jive / rock and roll events. This is dancing like it is 2022 rather than 1922. Dancing sure and steady suits many, but I like to expend more energy, be more expressive and have a lot more fun.

Salsa Party

Oct 14th 2022

In memory of Megan and her penchant for colour co-ordinating, everyone wore some cool blue. They all looked great. Some new faces were to be seen. These parties are for all, anyone can come along. We had a little competition of sorts. Style over Substance. The aim is simply to take part and have some fun. The move is the plant followed by a serenade. Plant your feet on the spot and get the follower around you. Then circle the follower in a seductive manner. Here is the video of a few of them strutting their stuff. The next salsa party is in early November 2022.

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Jive partner dancing

If variety is the spice of life, then why not put some variety into your dancing.

Max Jive is Smooth - Flowing - Varied

The first dance club in the world that started off as non-sexist and non-misogynistic. Women get to try the challenges, games and fun too. We teach the moves to all. Not just the men. What you do in your freestyle is up to you. Take a look at the videos to see the result. Women enjoying their moment taking control. Men having a chance to relax and let the women do the thinking. Men will lead the most often, but a small shift is underway. Have you been to a dance night and seen women dancing with one another? Four or so at it and the men find themselves watching rather than dancing.

Jive partner dancing

It all began when Megan joined the scene. For a laugh we had a go at role reversal. I can’t follow, she can’t lead. It was comical. It took as an age to get the basic moves right.

Then Laura gave me an idea ...

Jive partner dancing

What if we could share the lead! Swap halfway though. All I need to do is test it.

And so we did. It made dancing far more fun.

Jive partner dancing

I realised something else too. To get Megan to dance, to really dance, I need to up my game. I need to show her what dancing is all about.

For that I need music, loud music. Music we both liked. I put the headphones on her head, pressed play on my phone and the magic began. She went loopy, dancing like a maniac. This is the Max Jive experience. It led her to say that she felt euphoric.

Jive in the gardens

Zen dancing, or expressive dancing. Same moves but slower. Dance here there and everywhere. When you know how. We teach the art of the follow. We help the men go from beginner to the stage where they can lead a full song. We do that by making dancing easy. Traditional dance teaching ways are slow. There are better, quicker, more effective ways to teach and learn.

Jive in the park

Want one to one help? Or if you ladies want to lead a man. Here is your chance. We are holding one to one sessions for you. Whatever stage you are at; we can help you along. Feel free to book a lesson. Just £20.


Plenty of parking. Tuesdays now for group lesson and practice, 1 to 1 can be arranged on Wednesdays/Fridays 7.30pm / 8.30pm to suit. Easy to find: The Plough Inn. Stoke Lacy. HR7 4HG. On the main A465 Hereford - Bromyard road.




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Dance Party Night - Stoke Lacy

Salsa party with the principles and fun of Max Jive.

Basket Wrap Challenge. Start with the wrap then show us your stuff.

The impossible challenge

The beat and count challenge. Who is on the beat? - hitting the snare.

Many, many challenges and games to break the evening up with.

Whilst they are mainly for fun, they aid your dancing in many ways.

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Photo at Pittville pump rooms courtesy of Ron Milsom Photography www.ronmilsomphotography.com

Photo at the Americana show Cheltenham thanks to GL Shooters